Support your active lifestyle with a diet rich in protein and Omega 3.
Choose from a range of products packed with flavour and ‘FishFull Goodness’ to offer delicious and comforting Meals-on-the-go.


Our canned fish products are preservative free and made from the freshest catch of the day which yields better flavour, texture and shelf stability.
Our process of canning fish retains the original characteristics of the products which include all the vital nutrients present in the fish that are generally destroyed in other forms of cooking.

A tale of ‘tal'les’! It started with Sardines...

and grew into a passionate line-up of preservative-free, delicious protein rich meal options that were an instant hit.
Bracing several obstacles during the Portuguese era, Costa’s pioneered the production and export of canned seafood that soon gained consumer preference for its superior taste and uncompromising quality.

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