Celebrating A legacy of 135 years and a Repertoire of quality food products.

Costa's Promise

Founded on our original principles of Quality and Trust, Costa’s is recognized for its consistency and high standards. In an effort to bring fine taste and convenience to our quality-conscious consumers, our company has developed methods to process our line of canned foods without the use of preservatives.

Costa’s products come with a promise of Pure Meat – No Trimmings or volumizing agents which is a common practice in the commercial food industry to reduce cost.

Our Products

From our world famous Goa Pork Sausages to lip smacking Cold Cuts, Canned Meats & Fish, along with preservative-free Curries, Gravies and traditional Goan sweets, our products are carefully crafted to cater to the gourmet palate offering exceptional taste and convenience for your culinary escapade.

Where Quality is a Tradition Since 1885.

Costa’s –  a brand name associated with quality food products for over a century, making it one of the oldest food processing companies in India. Backed by rich history and heritage, the brand is recognized the world over for its pioneering efforts in packaged foods. From oriental spices, to exotic flavours, Costa’s has been instrumental in introducing Indo-Goan-Portuguese cuisine to the culinary world making it part of people’s lives the globe over.

Take your culinary skills to the next level

Rich and flavourful, from quick meals and nibbles to culinary delights. Our products can spike up the flavor of any recipe.

Taste the difference!

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