For the Exceptional Palate

Indulge in the rich flavor and texture of our premium cuts.
Costa’s has been a part of fine cuisine offering a veritable assortment of meats encompassing classic favourites to epicurean delicacies. Combined as a main component or a side, our products will complement and enhance your recipe making it a pleasing delight when added to gourmet toppings, stuffings, savouries, appetizers, finger food, stir-fries, grills and bakes, pastas, stews and pies, the possibilities are endless.

Pure Meat – No Trimmings

Our exclusive blend of spices and condiments combined with quality meats, provide an incomparable texture and taste to each of our carefully crafted products making our cold cuts a perfect accompaniment to breakfasts, brunches, party platters, festive spreads and beyond.

Costa's Bacon Bits Turn any meal into a Gourmet Celebration

Add it as a topping to pastas, savouries, pizzas and pies.


Fettuccine Al Limon with Bacon
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