Specialty Goan Desserts and Baked Confections

Bebinca and Dodol are perhaps one of the richest and most satisfying Goan desserts. Each having its own distinctive texture and flavour, these Goan classics have become a must have souvenir occupying a prime spot on the dessert platter at celebrations and occasions.

A Timeless Tradition

It takes an equal amount of time, patience and skill along with the finest ingredients to achieve the right taste and texture. Costa’s has mastered the art and process of preparing these timeless confections to bring you a preservative-free, shelf stable, authentic taste in India’s first packaged Bebinca and Dodol made in true homemade tradition.

Costa's BEBINCA Savour the rich golden layers of sweetness and flavour

Made in true home-made tradition, Costa’s BEBINCA is relished the world over for its original taste and quality.

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